Tuesday, February 7, 2006


Today while I was out and about, I remembered that we were out of Diet Coke with Splenda (which, by the way, is my absolute drink of choice). So, I thought to myself "I'll go by CVS. They are having a sale-2-12 packs for $5. Awesome!" I went into CVS and there were NO cases of Diet Coke with Splenda. Sadness. Well, CVS just so happens to be next door to Ingle's. BINGO!! I went into Ingle's, found the soft drink aisle, found the "Coca Cola" section...and what do I see before my very eyes but every single kind of Diet Coke EXCEPT for the one I want!!! Diet Coke with Lime...Cherry Diet Coke...Black Cherry Vanilla Diet Coke...even regular Diet Coke...but none with Splenda. I really thought about sticking my arm on one of the shelves and running full force forward and hopefully knocking every single non-Diet Coke with Splenda drink into the floor. Maybe I really am an addict.


Flo said...

Awww, the first step is just admiting you have a problem. Only 11 more steps to go. I'm here for you.

AJ Fabulous said...

Too funny! When I was a kid...I FREAKED OUT when they stopped making Crystal Pepsi! Man...what I wouldn't give to have a sip of that! Although, now that I don't drink soda anymore...I might not like it. But ahhhh...the memories of Crystal Pepsi!

Brookey said...

I am so an addict with you...nothing in this world like an extra cold can of Diet Coke with Splenda!