Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Mad Music Monday 3.6.06

Music I Listened To This Week: Justin Timberlake

Yes, I own the "Justified" album (please note, that I didn't purchase it myself, but got it from a friend who was putting it in a yard sale!) and yes, I listen to it ocassionally. I don't exactly agree with everything he portrays to the media and I never thought I would like the album, but I really do. There are several fun songs on the CD, like "Senorita" and that infamous song he and Janet sang at the Super Bowl, and then there's the Britney song "Cry Me A River". It's a fun road trip CD (but what would I know...it's not like I ever drive anywhere!!!!). It's way to dance in the car with! I never owned an N'Sync CD, so I guess this is my ex-boyband-er fix! One thing I do know for sure is that the boy can sing!

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