Thursday, March 9, 2006

Things I Love Thursday 3.9.06

Thing I Love: Grosgrain Ribbon (pronounced grow-grain)

I have always been a fan of cute things. Over the past year God has been preparing me for the blessing of making cute things as a job! I started out making cute little handbags out of placemats and cute grosgrain ribbon. It was just a hobby at first, but now I have moved on to making them to sell at some local booths, and have my very first festival coming up in June. Through the idea of a friend at church, I am now making "Mommy & Me" bags (matching bags for mommies and little girls) to sell at her baby boutique booth in Asheville. I am also making embellished burp clothes, and am experiementing with diaper bags, and bibs. IT IS SO MUCH FUN!! Every item is a new and different creation, and I love seeing the finshed product. Plus, I get to sew and be crafty while watching TiVoed episodes of Oprah! What a fun job! All these things are possible because of grosgrain ribbon. In my opinion, everything is cuter with grosgrain ribbon attached to it!!
Yesterday I went to Wal-Mart to purchase some supplies for all these crafty projects, and had previoiusly been HIGHLY disappointed with their ribbon-by-the-yard selections. They were all ugly colors and designs of ribbon. Well, as I rounded the corner, my eye caught the top row of ribbon, and I really had to contain myself. There, in front of my very eyes, was some of the most stinkin' cute ribbon in the world! Pink & black polka dots, pink & white polka dots, aqua & black, polka dots, fun summer color stripes, cute little fishies, green & pink polka dots...and $50 later, I had enough ribbon to cover our entire house!!! I went completely overboard, all for the love of the grosgrain ribbon. I love sharing cute things with the world!! The good news, now that I have close to 200 yards of ribbon in the living room floor, is that I am VERY excited to use it all for my booths and festivals, and my business account paid for it (yes, we can still eat this month!).
Be looking for some pics of my fun products. Once I make some to keep (people are wanting them faster than I can make them) I will post the cuteness for you all to see. YAY for grosgrain ribbon!!

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AJ Fabulous said...

Yes...I would love to see pictures of your creations!