Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Tagged By Lo

Lo tagged a bunch of us on this one last week, and now that I have time to breathe (even though I can't because I have a really nasty cold) I thought I would try it.
I AM: a wife, a Christian, Rai, a friend, anal, Sara with an I, a daughter, organized, creative
I WANT: my efforts toward my business to pay off.
I WISH: I could live in IKEA.
I HATE: having to worry about making ends meet; divorce.
I MISS: living within walking distance ( or at most a 15 minute drive) away from my closest friends.
I HEAR: XM Radio (The Message) and the sound of one really cool washing machine.
I WONDER: if I will ever become a recording artist. I
REGRET: only a few things in life, but know that they have taught me more about who I am and who I want to be.
I AM NOT: good at dealing with stress.
I DANCE: at the most random times that it surprises even me.
I SING: in the car, VERY LOUDLY; with Marty; at church
I CRY: at most things. Sometimes it really stinks to be cry-er. Being emotional often prohibits me from saying what I want to say when I really need to say it. If I see people crying, I usually cry. I
AM NOT ALWAYS: what I appear to be (happy, strong, content), but I am learning that people are more understanding and supportive when they see the real me.
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: some stinkin' cute stuff!
I WRITE: MANY MANY MANY to-do lists.
I CONFUSE: smiles with joy.
I NEED: a life free of drama caused by others...Lord knows I make enough of my own! I SHOULD: take more time to soak up God's blessings for my life, and not just ignore them, take them for granted or pass them by.
I START: thinking about things that I know will weigh heavily on my mind knowing very well that I won't be able to stop thinking about them soon enough.
I FINISH: tasks that I say I will finish. I used to be better at this, but I am trying to improve! I'M GLAD: that Marty is so passionate about helping me to be a better person.
I LIVE: with WAY too much stuff going on 90% of the time.
I PRAY: not as often as I should; very selfishly at times.
I SEEK: rest.
I WOULD RATHER: "be a failure than famous...living without you." That's a line from "Without You" by Shaun Groves, a song that Marty incorporated into his proposal video. One of my favorites.
I PREFER: to be told the truth; to NOT be the last one to know important things that have to do with me and my life; to have a tan; to do what I want to do when I want to do it, even when I know it's not supposed to work like that.
I KNOW: that for as crazy as my life has been, I have turned out ok. :)
I MUST HAVE: music; a creative outlet; friends; Jesus; Reese's Cups; ICE CREAM; Birthday Cake.
I HOPE: to watch 24 for the rest of my life.
Blog slackers Maleah and Brooke...it's up to you guys!!!

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