Monday, June 2, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

Here are the promised pics from our FABULOUS Memorial Day Weekend in Grayton Beach, FL!! It was so nice to get away after a couple of busy weeks and catch up with some really great friends. We got to rent a house this year (we usually stay in Diana's parents' place), and it was nothing short of gorgeous! There are tons of pictures below, but I don't think they captured how beautiful it really was. We witnessed some amazing sunsets from our balcony, made friends with the ice cream truck man, spent hours talking about life with friends and ate some really great food! I would say, one of our best trips yet! We're already looking forward to our 2009 trip!

*First Floor*

*Super Cute Bedroom.

*1st floor bathroom.

*Living Room area on the first floor.

*Cute little kitchen.
The first floor could be closed off and used as an apartment.
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Team Martins said...

FUN times... hope you and Jilly gave each other big hugs for me! So glad you got a vacation!