Friday, July 4, 2008

I heart summer camp!

Marty and I will head out bright and early on Sunday morning, July 6th, for summer camp!! We'll be at Truett Camp in Hayesville, NC for a few weeks. Here's the run down:

The first week, we co-direct (with Marty's dad, J, and sister, Lori) a High School Music Camp. Marty's been there every summer since he was born and I've been a regular attendee of this particular camp since the summer of '99. (I attended Girls' Camp when I was just a technically, this is my 19th year at camp! WOW!!) The high schoolers we get to interact with are such cool kids! We have great choir rehearsals (and the entire camp performs at the end of the week), great worship services, a FABULOUS staff and an all around great time!

The second week, I co-direct (with Marty's sister, Lori) a Middle School Music Camp. This is very much like the High School Music Camp...just with younger kids.

The third week, Marty will direct a Boy's Camp and I'll be with Brooke, Lori and Beth for a girls' getaway (it's not a New York trip, but it'll be fun anyway!).

The food's not great (rectangle pizza and corn anyone?) and we never get enought sleep, but the people are amazing and the good times are too many to count! The bottom line is, we'll probably be at camp every summer until we die!!


Future Envy of the PTA said...

Have fun Sarai!! I hope your summer goes well!

Team Martins said...

missing you all tonight and thanking God a million times over for the gift of your friendship in our lives! you'll never know how much your visit here meant... for everything you did, for your prayers, for your love for our girls and us- thank you, friend! we love you back!