Saturday, October 4, 2008

365 days and 30 pounds later...

During the summer of 2007, I was disgusted with myself and my weight and my clothes that no longer fit. I had tried what seemed like every diet or weight loss plan in the book and nothing seemed to help me get back my skinny self. I had tried grapefruits and calorie counting and milkshake grossness. And some of those things even worked...for about 5 pounds of weight loss, and then the uphill battle began again. I had gained THIRTY pounds since we got married in August of 2004 and I was ready to have my old body back!!

My mom started Weight Watchers in the late summer of 2007, and after a few months of seeing the weight litterally melt off of her, I was intruigued. I couldn't affort the monthly costs to visit meetings or do the online thing, so she helped me know what I needed to know and off I went! I could eat healthy. I would get good amounts of veggies and fruits every day. And, most importantly, I could eat ice cream and chocolate. And so I became a points counting machine!! I'm sure my friends were all sick to death of me analyzing every single piece of food that went into my mouth, but they were patient with me...and right there with me when I couldn't pass up a piece of birthday cake :) And sure enough, I started losing weight! 4 pounds this week and 2 pounds the next and so on and so on. It was working!! My goal was to lose 35 pounds. Of course, over time I got bored with it and would slip up and gain a couple of pounds in a week. And while it's been a year and I'm still 5 pounds away from my goal, I'm ok with that. Because I'm THIRTY pounds lighter than I was on this day a year ago!! In celebration of my new self, here are some before and after shots...

Here I am at my brother's wedding in July 2006.

And here I am in August 2007.

(PS...Brooke has also begun a weight loss journey and looks TOTALLY different now!! Way to go, friend!!)

And the after shots...WOOHOO!!!

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Team Martins said...

Friend... you look beautiful!!! Before and after, I might add... but especially that black and white shot-- well, we are so proud of how hard you have worked to be healthy! Inside and out,you're something else and we love you!

Nina said...

Wow friend! You look GREAT! That is so awesome that you stuck with it for a year! I may be calling you after gaining this baby weight...again... to be 30 lbs lighter after he is born!