Sunday, October 26, 2008

One of my favorite things ever!!! That frame is supposed to be one that people sign at your wedding. Well, we didn't open it until our honeymoon, so we kinda missed that whole thing. Soooo, I got that pretty patterened TISSUE PAPER (for free, even!), cut a hole in the middle and Voila! Perfect matching matted photo!

Plain cork board covered (with hot glue, I might add!) with some fun gingham fabric and held up by a pretty silk ribbon bow. Cute and classy and oh, so easy!

I actually made the little cafe curtain with leftover fabric from the big curtains after I hemmed them.

The dishes behind the glass cabinets that started it all (thanks, Brooke & Lo!!). I got them a few years ago for my birthday and immediately began making plans for my dream black and white kitchen!

So, there ya have it...another finished project at the Gilbert casa! And, we're exhausted. I'm thinking the next project will probably be one of the smallest rooms in our house...the hallway...maybe when we've recovered from the kitchen overhaul. You know, in the spring :)
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