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Things I Love Thursday 11.27.08

On November 27th, 2003 (Thanksgiving Day 5 years ago), Isabella (Bella) Tate Hawkins came into the world!! She was the first child for Marty's college friends Aaron and Eli. Over the years, Bella has truly captured our hearts! We have loved this little girl, as god-parents should, and have loved watching her grow into a lovely little 5 year old. She's cute, she's fun, and she's extremely intelligent. She does funny little things, like most kids, that make us when she calls me Water Rai (that's her nickname for me) and then Sarai all in the same sentence. We've loved getting e-mails or phone calls informing us of Bella's latest advancements or funniest sayings. Here are a few conversations involving Bella that have been documented by Aaron over the past couple of years:

Bella: "My mom's got new baby in her belly."
Babysitter: "Oh that's great!"
Bella: "Yeh but, we don't know if it's going to be a boy, or a girl, or a
Babysitter: "Oh... well... that'll be interesting to find out."
Bella: "Yep."

Dad: "Bella, it's late. Go back upstairs, get in bed, and go back to sleep."
Bella: "Why?"
Dad: "Sleep is good for you."
Bella: "Dad, sometimes you tell me to do things that are good for me. But
what's more improtant is what I want to do."
Dad: "No sweetie, that's backwards. What's important is that
you obey even when it's not something you want to do. Do you understand?"
Bella: "Yep. I'm understand and it's important you're backwards."
Dad: "What?" "Babe, can you come here? I think she's talkin smack to
me but I can't tell."
Bella: "Good night!"

She's got quite the personality, that Bella. We love her to pieces and wish her a very special Thanksgiving birthday. Happy 5th Birthday, Bella! We love you!

Here are some snapshots of her in all her cuteness from the last 5 years...enjoy :)

*Here she is at just a few weeks old in the little onesie we got for her. Gotta love a little Duke fan!

*Around her first birthday. What a little cutie...even with some crazy hair!

*Here's Bella loving on her new baby sister (April 2006). She's such an awesome big sister.

*What a little beauty! She's almost 3 here.

**Go to the post above to see more recent pictures...**
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