Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tagged by Christal

Christal tagged me for this one!!

1. I love Chapstick. My rule is that the more Chapstick I can apply at a time, the better.

2. I have an obsession with label makers. I label almost everything, sometimes, even things that don't need to be labeled.

3. I have a fetish for all things Christmas, primarily Christmas music and snowmen. I'll be posting some pictures soon of our Winter Wonderland.

4. I almost hate to admit this one, but I love trashy reality tv. Real World, The Bachelor(ette), Rock of Love, such drama, such trash....but I just can't resist.

5. If gaining weight we're an option, I would eat birthday cake and ice cream at every meal (not for the meal, just in addition to) every day for the rest of my life.

6.Items in alphabetical or color order make me giddy....spices, DVDs, books, clothes in the closet, socks...nothing's off limits.

7. I have millions of song lyrics running through my head at all times, just waiting for someone to say something that sounds like one of them so that I can bust out in random song (and sometimes dance, too!).

So, I know it's not the required 7, but I tag these 5 people:


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Team Martins said...

I am laughing b/c I know most of these things and they all make you the Sarai I love!!!

Thanks for the grocery hints... we've been doing a version of that here, but streamlining it like that really helps. Plus, you gave me new ideas. Let the savings BEGIN!

Miss you, friend!