Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hello, 2009!!

Can someone tell me where 2008 went? I really can't believe it's already gone and that 2009 is here in full force. I know I've discussed this with several people, but the late Thanksgiving really kinda threw me off this year. By the time Thanksgiving was over and we returned home from our trip to FL, it was already December 1st. And then, by the time we got the house decorated for Christmas it was nearing the middle of December and then Christmas was here and gone and then it was 2009. I must be in denial, a little, as our house it still completely decked out in Christmas goodness (yes, I even still turn the lights on every day!). But, whether I like it or not, 2009 is here and it's not going anywhere anytime soon. So, in light of the new year, here are a few things I strive to do this year (I don't do resolutions...just goals, some big and some small, for the year).

*The massive purge of 2009-I am so tired of all the extra stuff in our house. Our house is by no means cluttered, but closets and baskets and boxes are beginning to overflow. This must stop.

*Finally do something with all our wedding photos-some are in albums, some are ready for a scrapbook, some are still on discs. With our 5 year anniversary coming up in August, it's probably time to do something there.

*The great photo project-I have printed, and put in albums, all our pictures through 2007. My goal is to get all of 2008 printed and put away and keep up with 2009 photos.

*The last 20 lbs.-Surely, if I spread it out over 12 months, I'll be able to FINALLY take care of getting those last 20 lbs. off...and become healthier and more in shape in the process.

*Home Improvement Projects-
Hallway: I'd love to touch up the paint, tidy up and reorganize the closets (linen and laundry), redo the photo collage on the wall.
Guest Bathroom: We gotta get rid of the white walls in there.
Hopefully we'll be able to do'll just have to wait and see :)

(For my loyal readers, I'm hoping to start my "Tuesday's Tip" and "Things I Love Thursday" posts sometime in the next month, so check back in soon!)


Nina said...

You go girl! Get er' done! And don't worry about the Christmas decs- according to Mark, you are supposed to leave them up until Epiphany... which I think is tomorrow.. or sometime this Love ya!

Team Martins said...

Okay, Sarai, I'm sure you'll be done for your (hopeful?) Feb. visit; just in time to do my house, right? Hope says that would make a perfect b-day present... haha! :)

Remind me to bounce some pic ideas off you, my incredibly practical and organized friend. We have way too many for albums, I think... maybe you can help me come up with a "system?"

Feels like it's been forever... sure am missing you!!!