Sunday, March 1, 2009

March, you're here!

I am of the belief that the day of one's birth is far too important to be celebrated on one day only. Therefore, I choose to celebrate my birthday for an entire month, complete with countdowns and multiple gatherings and LOTS of birthday cake, my favorite food. And I figure that since I've developed a new found love with the treadmill, that should be fine, right? I'm not so much about the presents (even though they are fun), but I do love a good celebration. And did I mention the birthday cake? My birthday just so happens to fall in the month of March and it's here!

PLEASE NOTE: Choosing to focus on cake and celebrations does not equal choosing to focus on the age that inevitably increases every year. We won't go there.

Birthday excitement aside...I just flipped my calendar over to March and what do my eyes behold, but the cleanest most blank 2 pages of my life. Other than a Grey's date with the girls, some birthdays, some Shane & Shane good times in Greenville, SC, Marty's Spring Break and the normal weekly events, I'm free as a bird...and I intend to keep it that way. February was a good month, but pretty stressful and not so nice to my ever-aching body. So, in efforts to give me what I want for my birthday, I'm just going to enjoy March with some "me" time (gotta use that AWESOME gift certificate at the posh Biltmore Village Spa), some cleaning, plenty of organizing (hoping to work in a trip to IKEA to assist me with this), more purging (moving right along with the great purge of '09), some movie watching, some projects around the house, and some relaxation time with Marty. I think I'm refreshed just thinking about it :)

Happy Birthday month to me! Yippee!

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Team Martins said...

Happy early birthday, my friend! We love you and will celebrate with you whichever comes first... our trip to Asheville? Girls' weekend?

Enjoy every second of your me-time! :)