Sunday, May 3, 2009

Back Home

About a year ago, due to some issues that need not be discussed on an open forum such as this, we felt led to start visiting different churches. We weren't saying goodbye to our church...we just needed a sabbatical. We needed a break. We needed a fresh perspective. We had become soooooooo busy with sooooooo many different ministries, that it was nearly impossible for us to enjoy any of them. So, we visited elsewhere. We visited another church primarily and while we enjoyed the great vision and sense to move forward in ministry that that church body possessed, it never felt like home to us.

Well, 10 months and a fresh outlook later, we've begun to attend our church again. I'm not gonna lie...I was nervous. There were rumors about why we left and people just couldn't understand why we chose to leave, even if it was only for a short time. We didn't know how people would respond to our return. We didn't know if people would constantly focus on things in the past when it came to conversations with us. And I was afraid...afraid that we'd start attending there again and very quickly be volunteered for this and that and be right back where we started.

But I couldn't be more pleased with the welcome back we've received. From the hugs to the smiles to the words of encouragement, it's been really nice. I've felt like people actually noticed that we've been absent for the last year. So, our re-entry will be a gradual one and our commitment to church activities will be a slow one. A year ago I would have never thought that we'd be back or feel the way we feel now. But we're back home now and that's a pretty good place to start.

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Team Martins said...

Yay, friend... an answer to prayers! Praying for the right timing and wisdom through the transition back; so glad it's been a smooth one so far!

We need to start back up our Mon. catch-up soon as we can!

Love you, my friend!