Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Oh, So Annoying

If you know me, you know that I generally try to be an upbeat person with a happy attitude and a smile on my face. However, life seems to be happening all around me and thus, disappointment is bound to happen. So stick with me here as I just need to vent about a few things that are annoying me at the moment...

*What happened to the warm weather? It was winter. And then it was Summer. And now it's 30 degrees in the morning. I'm ready to get my flip flops back out!

*Danny Gokey went home on American Idol. He was my pick to win the whole thing and, in my opinion, the most talented contestant this season. I'm holding out hope that he'll release an album very soon.

*I find myself annoyed, yet not annoyed, at season finales. On one hand, I love the excitement of the cliffhanger ending. And on the other hand, I HATE having to speculate about what's going to happen and wait until fall to find out what really does happen. (PS...Grey's Anatomy season finale was probably one of the best ever!!)

*Heath Insurance. The cost. The insurance sales people. The incessant calls from the insurance sales people (I clearly didn't want to talk to them, and thus sought the help from their not-so-helpful websites). Insurance sales people who are trying to get my business via phone and in a 30 minute conversation manage to mix up my quote with another client's, call me an idiot and insult my husband's researching abilities. Awesome. And the cost...oh wait, I already said that...must be REALLY annoying to me.

*People assuming that because I don't work a 40 hour/week job outside the home, that I must just sit around with my finger up my nose. Note: Job inside of the home is not equal to no job.

Glad to get that off my chest. Welcome back, happy thoughts!


hisgirlcridey said...

Who the heck keeps saying this (re: staying at home)? Seriously. I know it bothers you because you have mentioned this before. Do I need to drive up the mountain and kick someone's butt? :)

Lori said...

I am sorry that people keep inferring that you don't work because you don't have a job. Here's something to think about though:

I think it is such a blessing that you are listening to God tell you what He wants for your life. I feel so sorry for those people who are looking for validation from other things (jobs and paychecks and the right to say they "support" other people) INSTEAD of from the only One who can give it. That has to be such a hollow way to live! Be called to what you do and do it! My classroom is my ministry. (I'm sure not doing this for the ever-dwindling paycheck.) Your ministry is your home...the way you open it up to others, take others in, in the way you live your life with your husband and have a marriage and family that puts God first. You’re honoring God's call on your life. Do not let others beat you down in an effort to make themselves feel better about their own lives. If they are in a job simply for the money or the title or the pride or whatever, they are incredibly sad and defeated people who just need our prayers. A prayer for them to find out what God wants them to do and the courage to answer that call!

I love you friend! Thank you for being courageous and for working with my brother to make such a Godly home. The children who grow up there will be so much more blessed by your spirit and your desire to teach them about their relationship with God than they would be by what you could buy for them because you have an extra paycheck!