Monday, October 5, 2009

September Savings Update

I've added the numbers for September over and over and over again and couldn't figure our why we were so far over budget. And then I realized that I bought groceries 5 times last month, instead of the usual 4, and there was a random receipt that got added to the stack because it wasn't included in the August calculations. However, even after being over budget, we saved a LOT, so I'm thankful for that! Here's where the totals stand as of now:

Savings (via coupons and sales) for September:

Total Savings (via coupons, sales and under budget amounts) for 2009:

With Christmas coming up, I am not entirely sure if we'll make it all the way to $2000 saved this year, but I'm crossing my fingers, eating lots of pb&j sandwiches and hoping for the best! Check back to see what happens!

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