Monday, October 26, 2009

She's Here!!

I'm finally an aunt!! Little Miss Reagan wasn't supposed to make an appearance until Thursday the 29th, but due to Staci's blood pressure we got to meet her a few days early! Thanks to the ever increasing drama surrounding flu season, I only got to see her for about 2 minutes while she was in recovery. Thankfully, they're headed home today and I'll get to spend tomorrow lovin' on her!
Here's a little about her:
Reagan Marie Ensley
born October 23, 2009
9lb. 9oz.
19 inches long
Blue eyes
Lots of dark brown hair
Chubby little cheeks
Cute as can be :)

Here she is with her Auntie Sarai. Proud aunt? Nah, not the least little bit :)


kmjba8 said...

Such a cutie! I'm so glad that everyone is doing well... I am anxiously awaiting our own little piece of heaven! Enjoy aunt-hood!

Shannon said...

How sweet!! Hope you had fun with her today!!

Team Martins said...

The chubby cheeks get me every single time! What a doll

Eat her up, Aunt Sarai!