Tuesday, January 17, 2006


It's very obvious from my collection of snowmen, that I LOVE SNOW!!! My favorite snow is the kind that comes down all day long, is deep enough that it's not convenient to go anywhere, and there is enough to play in if you want to (and even if you don't it's beautiful to look at!). Moving to Madison County when we got married was very exciting to me because they more snow than Jackson County (which is where I lived for 23 years). When this winter began, I was thrilled because I WANTED IT TO SNOW!!!!

Well...there were a few days before Christmas where it snowed all day long, and it seemed that at the end of the day, there was less moisture on the ground than there was at the beginning of the day! Then, Christmas came, and we knew there would be no chance of a White Christmas, which was fine with me. I don't care what day it snows, just as long as it does!!! Well, on December 26th, Marty and I woke up VERY early to leave for our trip to Louisiana. We got dressed, ate breakfast, and as we were opening the door to load the car, we saw it...3+inches of snow on the ground!!! It was so beautiful!!! I was like a kid when I saw it-so excited and couldn't wait to enjoy it...and then I remembered...we were leaving for LA...where it would be 70 degrees. So, very sadly we drove to Sylva to meet Marty's family. I was devastated.

Then came this weekend...I was serving on a Chrysalis weekend in Hendersonville and I had heard of the rumors that we were going to be getting lots of wind and lots of snow. WOOHOO!! Saturday morning came and they were right on with both calls...except at nightfall on Saturday, the wind was still very present and there wasn't a trace of snow anywhere!! To make matters worse, I called Marty who was home in Mars Hill, and heard that he had spent his day SLEDDING IN THE 4-6 INCHES OF SNOW AT OUR HOUSE!!!! I couldn't believe it!!

I know it's only January and there is PLENTY of time left for winter weather. My only problem with that is that I WANT TO BE HERE TO ENJOY IT WHEN IT HAPPENS!!!


Glamorous Jo said...

You are crazy. And I like it.

Brookey said...

I love your snowmen and I hope that you get that snow you are wishing for soon!!!!