Thursday, January 26, 2006

Things I Love Thursdays 1.26.06

Today is the beginning of Things I Love Thursdays. These days, I get to tell about fun things in my life that I love having around. (Welcome, Lori, to the blogging in themes :) )

Thing I love: Wearing comfy fleece pants and one of Marty's long sleeve baggy t-shirts

I am a stay-at-home-wife/person who runs 2 businesses from home. One of the things I absolutely love about that is that I get to be slouchy anytime I want! The best part of my day is when Marty comes home in the afternoon...I'm dressed like a just rolled out of the bed, my hair looks like a rat's nest, and I have on zero make up...and tells me that he still thinks I'm beautiful. Yeah, that's a good time. :)


AJ Fabulous said...

HOW FUN!! I totally want to hear about your 2 businesses!

Glamorous Jo said...

PJ pants should become the new business standard.

joy madison said...

okay, A) I googled "things I love thursday" to see who had posted to my new weekly thing...and I find out you had already started this for yourself a few weeks ago...weird

B) I know both Jo and AJ from my blog....double weird