Friday, February 10, 2006

Friend of the Week Friday 2.10.06

FriendS of the week: Brooke & Lori

These 2 friends made my day yesterday. We got together for dinner last night, and as always, it was SUPER fun. Lori came bearing gifts of Diet Coke (4 DIFFERENT kinds even...DC w/ Splenda, regular DC, Black Cherry Vanilla DC and Caffeine Free DC!!!) and Brooke came bearing gifts of STINKIN' cute grosgrain ribbon. WHAT FUN!!!!

Lori & I go WAAAAAAAY back to the days I used to sing Reba songs at the camp talent shows...EVERY summer from age 8-14...complete with overall shorts and pigtails. Over the years, God has grown our friendship and seen us both through some VERY trying times. Now, I not only get to call her "friend", but sister (she's actually my sister-in-law (Marty's sister), but there is no room for the in-law portion in our friendship!). She shares in my love for organization and anal-retentiveness. I LOVE YOU, LO!!!!

Brooke & I met at WCU. We were hallmates in the wonderful Scott dorm. We never would have guessed that a chance meeting in the hall kitchen would prove to hold such a beautiful friendship. God has brought us so close over the past few years, and has allowed us to share in some absolutely amazing God moments together. She and I share a bond through all things cute...bags, stationery, shoes, and of course writing things with the utmost cuteness! I LOVE YOU, FRIEND!!!!

I love that God finally brought the 3 of us together so that we can share in all kinds of laughter and fun. You both rock my face off!!!!


Flo said...

Friend, you rock. And seriously, if I could have picked my own sister - you would have been the one! (There is very little that Marty and I agreed on growing up! Glad we see things the same way now!!) I love you lots!!!!!!

Brookey said...

What can I say rock my face off! I feel so blessed that God saw it fit to bring us together as such good friends! I am the lucky one! I love you!