Monday, February 27, 2006

A Good Day For TV

I must say that tonight is the night of TV I have been waiting for since last Monday. Tonight, the ongoing drama of 24 unfolds and Dr. Travis Stork gives out the final rose in a 2 hour season finale.

24-Tonight, the President of the United States must decide whether or not he will change the course of the motorcade that is taking the President of Russia, his wife, and the First Lady to the airport. Simple, right? NOTHING on 24 is simple! If the motorcade's course is changed, then a Russian terrorist will release nerve gas in heavily populated US cities. If he doesn't, the terrorist will blow up the entire motorcade, murdering the President and First Lady of Russia and the US First Lady. Dum...Dum...Dum.....

The Bachelor: Paris-From the beginning, I have liked Sarah from TN, and after we found out 2 weeks ago that she and Moana would be the final 2 bachelorettes, I liked her even more! Clearly, Moana is NOT the best choice, and knowing all three people involved very well, I think Sarah and Travis do make the best match! :) I just wish ABC hadn't fooled us in the Jesse Palmer season by letting the girl he chose to get out of the limo first. Because now, we never know if the first out is the one going home "broken hearted". It makes me so nervous that I can hardly stand it!!!!

The sad thing is that these 2 shows air simultaneously, and Marty has a meeting at school during 24. So, I will have to wait until tomorrow to find out if Jack Bauer saves the day again. But, I can find out tonight if Travis chooses the woman of his dreams, according to me! Hopefully, I won't go to bed angry!

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Glamorous Jo said...

Last night was the most stressful night of television EVER. I was worried for the guy on Deal or No Deal as I shouted NO DEAL at the TV. I was worried Martha Logan would be blown away as I shouted IT'S YOUR WIFE YOU NINNY at the TV. I was worried Lynn/Samwise/Rudy would botch the whole thing and America would blow up in one giant nerve gas bomb as I shouted GO BACK TO THE SHIRE at the TV. I was worried that Travis would idioticly choose Moana over Sarah and I shouted SHE'S UNSTABLE at the TV. I think my neighbors might think that I am unstable.