Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Tell All Tuesday 2.28.06

Today, I must tell that last night, I went to bed a happy girl. At approximately 10:44pm, Dr. Travis Stork told Moana that he could not choose her. At approximately 10:44:02pm, I threw my arms in the air and very quietly screamed a "YESSSSSS!". Not because Marty was sleeping, because he wasn't even home yet, and not because I was afraid the neighbors would call the cops, because, who cares, but because I wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything Travis had to say! I then watched, along with the rest of the world, as Travis expressed his devotion to a commitment with Sarah, who oddly enough lives less than a mile from him in TN! I have never jumped up off my couch for a TV show or people that I have never met in my life. But there was something about that moment that absolutely made my night. And finally for only the 3rd time in all of Bachelor/Bachelorette history, was my choice given the final rose. Thanks for being so understanding as I reveal such a deep dark secret! :) I just had to get that off my chest.


Brookey said...

I could not hold in my joy either! As soon as I saw that he had not chosen the Moana, I jumped up off the couch, screamed and almost had tears in my eyes. This was a perfect end to a great season of the Bachelor! Sorry I called you like 15 times last night to interupt! Thank goodness for TiVo!

Glamorous Jo said...

I agree - I was JUBILANT that he picked Sarah....but didn't you feel that his big speech to her was a bit......lame?

Flo said...

Well, having not been a Bachelor follower this season, I was still glad to see that things turned out "right". :) I don't know much about Sarah, but I couldn't listen to Moana MOAN anymore! What the heck!