Monday, February 20, 2006

Mad Music Monday 2.20.06

Music I like: Moulin Rouge Soundtrack

My friend Beth introduced me to Moulin Rouge several years ago, and I immediately fell in love with the music. I have always been a musical junkie. I don't know why, but the love story and the music just seemed to attach itself to my heart and I love it! My favorite song from the movie is "Come What May". It's a duet between Ewan McGregor's character and Nicole Kidman's character. For the entire movie, they have to hid their feelings from everyone and this song is their way of saying that they will always love each other, no matter what other people say or do to try and tear them apart.

Suddenly the world seems such a perfect place
Suddenly it moves with such a perfect grace
Suddenly my life doesn't seem such a waste
It all revolves around you

And there's no mountain too high
No river too wide
Sing out this song and I'll be there by your side
Storm clouds may weather and stars may collide
But I'll love you, I'll love you until the end of time

Come what may
Come what may
I will love you
Until my dying day

It's just one of those songs that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside :) and it's my song pick of the day!


AJ Fabulous said...

Ohhhhh...I love Moulin Rouge. I need to watch it again!

Flo said...

Moulin Rouge!!!! That sooooo makes me think of Beth on her birthday and playing cards and watching the movie! Oh! What good times!!!

Ciao Cow said...

Random related information:

When Moulin Rouge first came out, my friends and I would sing the soundtrack to one another--but we had to trade off being Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman so that everyone could sing the "good" girl parts!

Good pick, friend!