Friday, February 17, 2006

Friend of the Week 2.17.06

Friend of the Week: Eli

Eli and I met in the Spring of 2002 when Marty took me to Williamsburg, VA for Spring Break. I was told we were going to stay with his college roommate, and best friend, Aaron, and Aaron's wife Eli (short for Elizabeth, which is one of the neatest names I know). I had never met these people before, and there I was...8 hours from home....with my boyfriend of 3 months...and some people that I didn't know. I was a little apprehensive, to say the least. Little did I know, that short trip to VA would prove to hold the beginning of one of my most treasured friendships. I soon found out that Eli and I are very similar in likes and dislikes...we had lots of "me too" moments when we relived past experiences...and not many other people in the world understand organization like she does! Eli's interest in every little thing that I am involved in, or ever was involved in, or ever will be involved in, shows me that she really does care. And I know that when I tell her about something in my life, she will remember it. And if it's sensitive material, she won't repeat it. She's good like that! :) I love that at least once a week, we get to have hour long chats on the phone, and everytime, we pick up right where we left off.

In addition to being Aaron's wife, she is also the mother of sweet little 2 year old, Bella. Through Eli, Bella is learning to be a wonderful person. I know she's only 2, but you wouldn't believe the personality this kid has! The values Aaron & Eli are imparting to Bella (and Bella's little sister who is expected to arrive in the beginning of May) are some that I definitely want to use when teaching my own children someday. The parenting skills these two have is far beyond their years, and I love learning from them.

We are SOOO blessed to have these guys as our "family". Thank you, Eli, for being such an encouragement, a sounding board, my idea girl, and one of the most amazing friends I could have ever asked for. I love you! Posted by Picasa

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Eli Hawkins said...

You are so great!-- I can't tell you how much this means to me. It is very encouraging, especially when I probably need it the most. How did I ever not have you? You're the bestest ever!

Love you-