Friday, February 24, 2006


There are some random things floating through my head today and since I am at home by myself all day with no one to talk to, why not share them with the entire world!?!?

**Weight Loss-It's one of those things that just gets on my nerves sometimes. It get on my nerves even more when it doesn't go at all like I think it should. Since the Spring of 2003, I have been trying to get rid of the 492 meals I ate at Chik-fil-A over the course of 4 years. For a year, I wasn't really getting rid of it, but I wasn't gaining any weight either. Then, in the Spring of 2004, I got engaged, and if that won't make you lose weight, I don't know what will!! We were only engaged for 10 weeks, but somehow between the wedding planning and summer camps and all the other crazy summer trips that happened, I lost about 10 lbs. And it was a good thing too, because I had no time to get my dress altered! After we got married, I stayed the same weight for about 6 months, then I realized that the newlywed eating-out-because-we-don't-want-to-cook syndrome was having an effect on me. I had no money to join a gym or Curves or anything like that, so I went out and bought a Tae-Bo Cardio DVD. I thought what the heck. It's $15. I started with the Tae-Bo, and I was doing it religiously. I was so out of shape that I couldn't get past the warm-ups, but I was getting there! Then, I got the chicken pox. 3 weeks of feeling like I had the flu of all flus accompanied by itching and discomfort was not good for my die hard workouts. After the chicken pox had FINALLY gone away, it was really hard to get back into the routine....and until January of this year, weighing more than I had ever weighed before, I never got back into the routine. Isn't it funny how the month of January causes people to do crazy things? Well, my crazy thing was to lose weight (along with 90% of Americans). I started eating Special K with Red Berries for 2 meals a day with a meat & veggie filled meal at night. I'm still kinda on that plan...just branching out to other foods in place of cereal every once and a while. I only eat 1200-1300 calories a day. I do Tae-Bo Cardio 3 days a week(I am finally up to 30 minutes, and way past the warm ups now!) and stretching/sit ups/push ups, etc, 2 days a week. I had a week with no weight loss and a week where I gained 2 pounds-not good. BUT, I have been working hard for about 6 weeks and I've lost 6 pounds. I would like to lose 20 more (that would put me back down at what I was when I finished my freshman year in college, and also in the range for my healthy body weight) and if I can lose 1 pound a week, I'm happy with that. If I lose more, I am WAY happy with that-who wouldn't be! So, I will keep you posted on my progress, and let you know when I can get into those stinkin' cute shorts I bought at Old Navy (for $10 a pair even!) 2 years ago and haven't been able to wear comfortably.

**JoJo-For those of you who don't know, my brother, Joseph, is serving with the Army Reserves in Afghanistan. He left a year ago and after 2 months at Fort Bragg, he left for Afghanistan. So, he's less than 2 months away from coming home after a year of service overseas. Last Saturday I went to the Family Readiness Group (FRG) meeting with my mom (this is the support group for the families who have loved ones serving overseas with the 391st) and their focus was on Homecoming. I was only there for the last part of the meeting, but I got so excited that I couldn't hardly stand it! To think that, in mid-April, we will get to meet them at the Fort Bragg Airport makes me happy! The FRG is planning all kinds of things to show thank yous and support to these guys who have been serving our country. They haven't been on the front lines like people normally think about when they think "war". They are an engineering battalion and have been building roads for the Afghan people. They gathered clothes and toys from the states during the winter and gave them to the Afghan children. Those pictures were precious! They have done a lot of work since April, and they have all bonded with each other like we can't even imagine. But I know they are ready to come home, and I am ready for them to be here!

**American Idol-I will begin by saying that I did not vote for anyone on AI this week because I had to watch the day late TiVoed American Idol. I was confident that 3 of the contestants who left last night (Becky O'Donahue, Stevie Scott-what were they thinking? and that Copacobana dude) were really going to leave. Patrick Hall, I feel, should have been in the competition a little longer. I realize that he is a little older, but the vocal control he has is AMAZING(note the correct use of this word, Lo). The song he sang during Hollywood week was unbelievable. While his 1st night song choice wasn't the greatest, he's still really good, and it wouldn't surprise me if we see him again!
My next week picks to leave: Kinnik Sky, Heather Cox (or Brenna Gethers-girl has an attitude that has GOT TO GO...she reminds me TOO much of Mikayla Gordon, and I am not sure I can put up with that again, and she's not good!), Kevin Covais & Bucky Covington ( I am not sure that at the start of AI they ever thought they would sign anyone named "Bucky"...but he's not good, you can't understand a word he says or sings, and seriously, people are you kidding me?!?!?!)
It's still too early to choose the top 12, because anything can happen. However, it really wouldn't surprise me if Katharine McPhee or Chris Daughtry win this thing!

**We had a malfunctioning tub stopper for awhile and about a month ago Marty installed a new one (that's my little Mr. Fix-it!). I LOVE BATHS!! doesn't matter to me. I am usually really cold, and sometimes a good hot bath is all that will get me warm from head to toe again. One thing I don't like is a cold shower. There were many times during Chrysalis weekends where Brooke and I would head down to the showers and have to very carefully wash our hair and body with ice cold (and friends, this is no exaggeration) water. It was water that was so cold that when I stuck my head under the stream I had to prepare myself because I knew I would lose my breath for at least 30 seconds. It was rough, but at least I was clean! And I guess it makes me appreciate working hot water heaters even more.

OK, that's all the randomness I feel like talking about hope you enjoyed and have a WONDERFUL weekend!


AJ Fabulous said...

Thanks for sharing your struggles with weight loss. That is not an easy thing to do. But it sounds like you are doing a GREAT job! I am very proud of you as you are on your quest to live a healthy life. It isn't very important to many people in this world. (I just happen to be super passionate about it). You can do it!

AI - I have never voted for American Idol...but I found myself wanting to vote for Ace. If I had 1 recording contract...I think I would give it to him. might just be those eyes...HELLO!!

Flo said...

I agree with AJ - although, I always bring Ace into my AI conversations, I can never tell people what he sounds like....I think I'm paying attention to the wrong thing!

Sarai - let me applaud your correct usage of the word Amazing. And let me also applaud you for the use of other important phrases in such creative ways. You're my hero.

Glamorous Jo said...

Weight Loss used to be so easy for me but lately it's slower than MOLASSES. And who wants slow weight loss? NOT. ME. GRRRRR. (But I think you are gorgeous and perfect...)

And ACE is so hot! I told my husband I wanted to kiss him. ON THE LIPS. and I love Mandisa and that Bon Jovi guy too.

sarawithani said...

I KNOW!!! Why can't I be hyper and skinny like I was in high school when I didn't have to try!?!?!?!

Ace is my friend...he doesn't know it, but he is :) I too, think that he has MUCH more going for him than his voice (his brother on the other hand...ummm, not so much). Mandisa & Katharine are my girl pics and Ace & Chris (the Bon Jovi guy:) ) are my boy pics. Who knows what will happen???