Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Sarai needs...

So Brooke passed this crazy idea along to me, and I thought that I might as well try it. I went to google and typed "Sarai needs" in the search box and here's what I found...

"Sarai needs help knowing what it means to be a wife"-Having only been married for a year and a half, this is true, friends. It's a never-ending learning experience, this wife thing.

"Sarai needs to work towards a ratio of fifty to sixty percent discussion/commentaryto allay the anxieties/insecurities of those bedazzled by big names"-THIS MAKES ME LAUGH!!! WHAT?!?!?!

"What Sarai needs to do is go back to whateva she was doing before she made this album"-This is in reference to the rapper girl Sarai (who by the way was born after me and TOTALLY stole the spelling of my name...I WAS FIRST!) and I hope that if I ever made an album that no one would say this about me!

"Sarai needs prayer that my relationship with Jesus Christ will grow stronger then it ever has been."-This is a site about a soldier serving in Iraq with the Army, and while that's not me, WOW is this not always the cry of my heart!

So, I guess google knows more about me than I thought! Try it out with your name, and see what Google knows about you!

Happy Wednesday!


Brookey said...

Fun times friend! Love ya...B

Ciao Cow said...

Oh friend, what a fun game!

we're one day closer to saturday!