Wednesday, March 29, 2006

My name is Sarai, and I am a blog slacker.

So, I haven't posted in a few days and I haven't theme blogged since Thursday. Instead of playing "catch up" I'll just explain my blog slacker excuse and be done with it all!

Friday was my birthday. I turned 25. I think that is the first time that I have actually said I am 25 years old. It's weird. Not it in a bad way. But weird none the less. Probably because as a child I thought that at 25 I would be married (check) and have a kid (no check...and I'm ok with that). It's just funny when things don't exactly turn out like you planned. Anyway, Friday night Lori, Brooke, Maleah and Joel came over for a kickin' party!! We had some tasty burgers for dinner and some DELICIOUS HOT PINK Birthday Cake with Ice Cream (My favorite!). They came bearing WAY more gifts than they should have, but I have to admit that these friends hooked me up with some fun stuff-Vera Bradley cuteness, smell goods from Bath & Body, cute PJs, fun friendship plaque, a STINKIN cute watch (that I can make my own bands for!), a HUGE bag of Reese's Peanut Butter things (Thanks, Bina!) and one heck of a good time! We played Scene It Movie, and Marty, who acted as "game master" cheated and made it look like the guys won...when really the girls one...he admitted it...he even said that we could have beat them twice...that didn't was my birthday...and I wanted to win...instead, I felt like a big loser...on my birthday. I have a sneaky husband.

Saturday, my uncle got married. I think Marty said it best when he said that it was "a memorable occasion". Yes, it was. My uncle, Eric, is 40+ years old, and never been married. He has however been engaged several times, but it never worked out. He also REALLY likes alcohol, which made the day a little more adventurous than I had hoped for. Good times.

Sunday was a pretty relaxing day...had dinner with some friends after church and then watched some NCAA Tournament action. Not too, shabby.

Monday and Tuesday...craziness. When I have to be away from home for a few days, or even just one night, I feel like I get so behind on things. This was no exception. I was in Sylva all day Monday and Tuesday organizing my dad and step-mom's kitchen. They have next to nothing for cabinet storage and what they have is not very useful-shelves aren't adjustable, cabinets are either too deep or not deep enough. They did, however, just buy some new pieces that are really nice to help store stuff. It was quite the job, but I think it looks great. Hopefully, they will be able to find everything!
Tuesday night, since I was already over in that neck of the woods, I did a Tupperware party and didn't get home until almost 10:30 last night.

Because of my late night and busy week thus far, I slept in this morning. I had planned to sleep in until 8...and at 8:45, I woke up. I immediately felt rushed and knew that I would have more to do than I had time for. So far, I've been able to accomplish more than I thought I would, but there is still WAY more to do. I love to-do lists...for more on to-do lists, check back tomorrow.

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