Thursday, March 30, 2006

Things I Love Thursdays 3.30.06

Thing I Love: Making Lists (primarily To-Do Lists)

I told you it was coming, so here's the deal. I love making lists...packing lists, to-do lists, places to go lists, lists, lists, lists. I love them. There is something about having it all right there on paper and knowing exactly, in order, what's going on. To-do lists rule my days. Every morning, my first task is to make a list, in priority order of things that MUST be done. Even when I leave the house, I make a detailed list of places to go, in the most logical order with a list of things to do/get at each location. I even have to-pack lists typed up and saved on my computer so that if I am going somewhere that I have gone before, be it an overnighter to my mom's, to camp, or to the beach, I know exactly what to pack every single time. One of my favorite to-do lists of all time is the Middle School Music Week To-Do List that Lori and I have tweaked over the past couple of years. It's about 2 pages long, and it tells us step by step, month by month, exactly what we need to be doing to have everything done before camp. It's even color coded. I love it. Lists are what keep me sane throughout the day. I have so much going on here and there, I don't know whether I'm coming or going most days. If I don't write it down, I am sure to forget it. I am obsessed with to-do lists, and I am ok with that! all my faithful blog readers: I would like for you to know that you DO NOT have to be a fellow blogger to comment on my blog. I have it set up so that anyone can comment, even if you don't have a blogspot account. It's fun, and I would love to hear what you guys think about all this randomness!


Ciao Cow said...

Dear Faithful Blog Poster,

I am not a stalker, but I have been noticing that you and I would make really great friends. In fact, it sounds like we hang out around the same kinds of people on a regular basis, do the same kinds of fun activities, and generally think similarly about a myriad of things, the very least of which being Reese's Peanut Butter eggs, to-do lists, and sitting around looking pretty. I think this is a clear indication of something wonderful!

Just thought you should know!

A Faithful Blog Reader,
Friend #4

p.s. - See you this weekend: Sound O' Music, here we come!

Sabrina said...

Lists, lists and more lists! I live by lists on a daily basis...from work to everything!

that's erin to you! said...

Sarai, you crack me up! Have a great rest of the weekend. :)

Glamorous Jo said...

To Do:
1. Think that Sarai is crazy with the lists
2. Wonder aloud how she has time to write all these things down
3. Wonder aloud why she needs to write down where she's going. Doesn't she just know?
4. Laugh that if she and I ever traded bodies, she would RUE THE DAY and freak out at my lack of organization.

sarawithani said...
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sarawithani said...

Jo...I love that you laugh at my to-do lists! These days things are so crazy with me, that sometimes I have to add "Remember that your name is Sarai" on the list. It's ridiculous...and no, sometimes I don't just know where I am going when I venture into the big town of Asheville. It really is crazy.