Thursday, April 6, 2006

Friend of the Week 3.31.06 (sorry, it's late!)

Friend of the Week: Katrina Martins

Katrina and I met in college when I was a freshman. I had heard about her through my friends, Brooke and Nina, but it wasn't until I participated in a Journeys weekend that I got to meet the infamous Katrina. Her sweet smile and words of encouragement showed me, from the beginning, that she was genuine and was someone I wanted to get to know. Years at WCU came and went and there were times when I wouldn't see or speak to Katrina for months at a time. However, like with any forever friend, just a few moments together and we were right where we left off. I was honored to sing in her wedding, and she was there cheering me on at mine. I am so grateful that God has continued to grow our friendship over the past couple of years. After Marty and I got married it seemed like God just took our friendship and allowed it to grow and grow and grow. We got to share in ups and downs with family and friends. We had a girls weekend in Pigeon Forge, TN and seemed to get to know each other even better overnight. She cried and prayed me through some really hard times when my brother was getting ready to leave for Afghanistan. And we stood in her lawn in Asheville and cried and hugged and cried and hugged right before God led she and Joe to Virginia Beach. I haven't seen this friend in quite some time, but often e-mails and late night catch up times on the phone keep us as close as ever. I am so glad that she will be joining us down here in the mountains for her Spring Break next week. It is sure to be a sweet time of scrapbooking, laughing, catching up, and of course, eating (I'm bringing the brownies!!!!)!
Katrina, I love you so much, and I am so thankful for the friendship that God has given to me in you. Thank you for always being an angel to me!
(This is Indian Chief Katrina in Pigeon Forge during our girls' weekend with her friend Standing Bear...and one heck of a sexy skirt!) Posted by Picasa

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K-Mart said...

Friend! Besides for the fact that the picture you chose could really scare someone, I am so honored! Your friendship is such a blessing in my life... I cannot wait until the next time we're together! I love you!!