Saturday, March 18, 2006

the Whatta Cute Bag! collection

I wrote, a few days ago, about my love for grosgrain ribbon, and told you all that I would be posting some pics of my creations. Well, wait no longer because here they are! All these items are part of the Whatta Cute Bag! collection, and I LOVE THEM! I love that they are so cute and that people around the world (well maybe not, but a girl's gotta dream!) will be sharing in the cuteness! I also love that every single one is unique. They aren't made by a machine in a factory. They are designed and hand made by me. Therefore, every on is an expression of my creativity. Check them out and let me know what you think!

**These are burp cloth sets (and I am not really sure why half the pic is cut off!) and they come in a set of two with coordinating ribbons. These are just a few examples.
**This is a pic of my original creation, the Whatta Cute Bag!. This is the one I am carrying right now, and I love it because it matches my Petal Pink Vera items that I ordered! It also has my monogram on it, but I couldn't put that in the picture because these are for my flyers.
**These bags are part of the "Mommy & Me" collection. They are matching bags for mommies and little girls. I think they are absolutely adorable, and I love the spring colors!

So, there ya have it-my creations! Be looking for some pics of my newest creation, as of today, fleece blankets with grosgrain ribbon trim. TOO CUTE!! Posted by Picasa


Sabrina Trantham said...

These are so darn cute! Allie and I have to have a set of the Mommy and me bags! We would be stylin' like crazy! You are so creative Sarai! The burp cloths..the Whatta Cute Bag" bags.. the blankets you were talking about..when everyone finds out about all of it, you will be so swamped with orders!

Flo said...

They ARE stinkin' cute. Bina's right - she and Allie need a set...and then they need to model for you in your next flyer! How precious would that be! They already look alike and with matching's just perfect.

And I love all the pics in the blogs. I'm feeling very left out. SOMEONE should educate me!

betney said...

Hey, friend! Those are too cute! I am so proud of you! Hey, and you are well on your way with the whole "people around the world enjoying them" thing! I mean, you have quite a few fans in Bosnia!

Ciao Cow said...

Super Friend Sarai!

The part I also love about your bags (meaning a. your products and b. your business, a la Austin Powers) is that you're so sweet to share secrets! I will so have to show you the differently-abled cute one I made in your honor next time we get together.

Oh yeah, that's right: your birthday is coming! Hooray for parties!