Friday, April 28, 2006

Love this girl, too!

Little Eden is quite the little cuddlebug, and I soaked up every minute that I got hold her. She is absolutely precious, and looks JUST LIKE Bella at one week old, except with dark hair. Check out all her cuteness below:

**Here she is sleeping like a little angel. Awww, she takes after her Uncle Marty! :)
**Here she is striking her model pose. Her little nose...her little mouth...her pretty little eyes...I could just eat her up! Posted by Picasa


Counciller said...

What a cutie!!!! Thanks for saying hello on my blog....I'm still figuring this thing out, but I'll get it! I hate that we missed you in NC, too - you COULD come up with Lo, you know!!!

Flo said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! What a sweetheart!