Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Mad Music Monday...on a Tuesday

New song that I REALLY like: "Arise" by Shane & Shane (on their new album "An Evening with Shane & Shane")

Arise (arise)
And awaken
He is King (He is King)
He is King
Arise (arise)
My soul Awaken
All flesh is grass
Surely is fading (surely is fading fast)
Oh soon it's all gone
And we'll fly away
Oh soon it's gone, it's gone

Oh You are the Maker
The life sustainer (life sustainer) and everything comes
Everything goes
When You give the Word Have mercy oh Lord
And satisfy (satisfy) we will all arise

Arise My soul awaken
That I might sing (I might sing)
And be happy all my days
How long (satisfy) will there be mourning
Return to us (return Lord Jesus)
Return to us
Oh soon it's all gone and we'll fly away
Oh soon it's gone, it's gone

Teach me to number my days
At the most 80 years
Who cares about meaningless things
I do and I care about art too and I care about yahoo
Things that are fleeting and Fading away
Awaken my soul
Awaken my soul

Aside from being a VERY catchy little tune (one of which I made up some VERY interesting lyrics to before today), it's a gentle reminder that I need to focus more on things that really matter in life. No, I don't really care about Yahoo...but I do care about gmail.com and blogs galore and 24 and American Idol and making things that are so cute that I can't stand it and window shopping and hanging out with some fun people. Those things are all fading away and can/will be taken away at a moments notice. I need to care less about those things and care more about my relationship with Christ...my time spent daily in the Word...my soul being completely "awake". Thanks, Shane & Shane for constant reminders to grow and grow...even when we can't understand all the words!


Brookey said...

You know I love that song too! I had no idea though that those were some of the words. I had made up some pretty good ones myself! Miss you friend!

Flo said...

That's really what it says?! I was waaaay off on the art too and yahoo parts! Who knows what I was saying. That's a Gilbert-trait thought. Careful Sarai. You really are going to fit in with us!!!

I LOVE this song too. We should put it on.........THE CAMP CD!

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