Monday, April 17, 2006

Not Catching Up/Mad Music Monday 4.17.06

So in my last post, I decided it was time to get the blogging ball rolling again. I got caught up...only to not make a single post for 10 more days. I think that it would take me hours to get caught up on everything that I haven't posted about in the past week and a half. So I will give an abridged version follwed by my first real Mad Music Monday in quite a while.
*I have been working my tail off to try and get bags and burp cloths and bibs and blankets made for my first retail outing. I am going tomorrow with Lanise to 6-7 retailers in the area who will (insert a prayer here) buy my products on a monthly/bi-monthly basis. PLEASE PRAY FOR GOD TO PROVIDE!!!
*My step-brother, Kevin, got married on Saturday to Sarah from Kansas and they are on a cruise to the Bahamas right now...I am jealous.
*My brother is coming home from Afghanistan this week!!!! He was supposed to be here on Thursday...but his ETA is now Friday...before the week is out, it will be sometime next week. Gotta love the Army!
*There has been about 90% too much drama in my life this past week, and I realize that I really don't like it.
*God love those customer care folks who have to answer phones at companies. I have spent approximately 3 hours on the phone calling back and forth between 2 companies for the past week trying to get a debit card issue fixed. "There's nothing we can do to help you...please call the folks at Check Care." "I'm sorry Sar-I (after I told her 3 times that my name was just Sarai and that I was about 100% sure that my name wasn't Sandra), but you will have to clear all this up with the folks at Electrum." Are you kidding me?!?!?! What a nightmare!

And now for a long awaited Mad Music Monday 4.17.06
CD I like to listen to: Rascal Flatts "Me & My Gang"
My good friend, Brooke, saved me some birthday money and gave me this CD. I really do like it a lot. And even though I don't like that "When you play a country song backwards" song, sometimes I find it stuck in my head. As of now, my favorite song on the album is "What Hurts" the Most", but I looking forward to learning and loving more of these songs!


k-mart said...

I don't know what all your drama has been this past week... but I love you! Call me if I can lend an ear. I can't wait for Joseph to get his army-tushy home!

betney said...

I am so excited that Joseph is on his way home! I am sure you and everyone are ecstatic!!! Please give him my love, Sazi! It was fun to hear from you again on here! Hehe! I love ya, friend!