Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Tell All Tuesday...kinda

Today's Tell All is going to be a little out of the ordinairy...and it's a day late!

Next week is going to be HUGE for Marty and I. In order to give Aaron and Eli and few days of rest, and to spend some time with their new little girl, Marty and I are keeping 2 1/2 year old Bella...all...week...long. Yes, friends, we get to have a full on practice at being parents. Granted, Bella is pretty self-sufficient. She's past the stage where everything she sees goes straight into her mouth. She's pretty content with watching Noggin or playing by herself. She lets you know when she's hungry or needs something to drink. If something is wrong she can usually tell you what it is and how it needs to be fixed. And, my favorite, she sleeps 12 hours a night...straight interruptions. And that makes me happy. So, next week as you go about your normal (Do any of you really have a "normal" life? If so, let me know how it can be acheived!) lives, just think "What would I do if I had a 2 year old, right now?", then think of us and say a little prayer! Our patience is sure to be tested and time outs will have to be had. However, it is sure to be LOADS of fun, because she is just too stinkin' cute and absolutely hilarious!!

And now...the latest pics of the oh-so-adorable Hawkins gals:

**Big sister, Bella, taking some time out to feed the little one. (PS...that little squinty-eyed smile is my favorite!!!!)

**Bella is giving a little love to the precious little sleeping angel, Eden. TOO PRECIOUS!!!

**All the Hawkins girls: Precious Eden, You are soooo skinny and you just had a baby Mom Eli, and squinty-eyed Bella:)
**Here is wide-eyed Eden looking pretty in pink. There is a very similar pic of baby Bella and they look JUST alike. It's really kinda crazy! Maybe I'll post them together sometime just so you know I'm not lying!

So there you have it. 2 of the cutest kids in the world, and a warning that next weeks posts are SURE to be filled with lots of fun Bella adventures! :) Posted by Picasa


joy madison said...

they are pretty stinkin cute:)

Sabrina said...

Oh my gosh! They are so adorable! Makes me want to have another...
Has not been that long ago when Allie was 2...and those are some really fun times. Hey, I even think that she was 2 when you came over and kept her for me one night. Remember? You and Marty will do great...although, it is quite addicting...=-}

betney said...

Hehe! So cutie patooty! Whew... sounds like a fun week to me! Have a blast, my friend!