Friday, May 19, 2006


Today is the day. The day is today. Last December when Brooke gave Lori and I tickets to see "Wicked" at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, I didn't think the time would ever come for us to go. Well, my friends, the day to go is today!!!!! We are leaving tonight to head to Atl. Our weeken will consist of:
staying at a most swankified hotel that Brooke found for us.
IKEA (need I say more?)
the Container Store (if we don't spend 7 hours in IKEA!!)
WICKED the musical (can't wait to sing along with the real deal!!!!)
The Cheesecake Factory (I haven't been there since I went with AJ back in 04, but I am sure that they miss me and need me to come eat their food!!)
Whatever else Hotlanta has to offer if we have more time!!!
It's going to be SO much fun, and I hope to report back on Monday with pictures and tales of one of the most amazing musicals ever!!!!

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erinwsmith said...

We go this coming weekend! I cant wait either:)