Thursday, August 10, 2006

Too Much

So my last post was a little manic...way too much to do...and I thought, as I was writing it, "I'm sure it won't be as busy as it sounds"...and yes, I was wrong. July was a whirlwind but I'll give you the Reader's Digest version:
High School Music Week-about 80 kids, lots of music and singing and playing handbells even when I didn't know how.
Joseph & Staci's Wedding Shower-good turnout, good food, they got good stuff and the table decorations were stinkin' cute.
Middle School Music Week-about 80 kids (more than we had ever had before!), lots of music and singing and swimming.
Mark & Katie's Wedding-One of the most beautiful weddings I've ever been to; Biltmore Estate fun, sang in the wedding, sweet love that they share, good times decorating the reception (even made me want to question my calling in life!), danced the night away!
Boys Week Registration-about 140 kids showed up (which was great because there weren't many more beds than that); I didn't get to stay for part of the week like I had planned...
Joseph & Staci's Wedding/Pre-Wedding Adventures-The week before the wedding was filled with planning and making decorations for the rehearsal dinner, making banana pudding for the rehearsal dinner and cream cheese pound cake for the groom's cake, prepping the church for decorations, decorating the church, decorating for the rehearsal dinner, rehearsal for the wedding (all went well except that they couldn't get the sound to work for our song), attending the rehearsal dinner (gotta love some Fat Buddies BBQ!), Wedding Day (all went well except for me bawling my eyes out right when it was my turn to sing!), I got to wear my cute new dress, Happy Honeymoon, bubbles, cake and...
you would think that this would be the point where I would write something like "I went home to sleep forever" or "Got to rest for the next 48 hours", instead I will write what really happened...
Went home to unpack from the last 3 weeks of being away, slept for about 2.5 minutes (at least that is what it seemed like!), went to the 8:15 and 11:00 services at church because I had to sing a solo, went home, finally got a nap, then went to small group at the Helmling's.
Finally, August.

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