Thursday, July 6, 2006

One big fat to-do list

I am generally a very busy person. I generally like this about me. I like to do things in an organized manner. I like doing things with and for my friends, and all things I do, I generally say I'll do them because I want to do them. However, I would like to think that by the 2nd week of May every year, Marty would be finished with the Spring semester, he would be home for the summer, I would be finished making all the products for my summer festivals and that we would actually get some time to rest, work around the house, or just sit on the couch and watch HOUSE re-runs all day long. Seems like I always get that idea in my head, and very quickly it gets crushed into a hundred pieces by one big fat to-do list. From that 2nd week in May until the current date, I don't think I've had more than one day to just sit around the house and do nothing, and that may be an over exaggeration.

May-the beginning of June the list contained things like: sew 85 bags for the craft festival or price the 200 items you are taking to the craft festival, and of course there was the weekend we went to FL with some friends, and I'm don't think anyone we know got married that month, but I am sure there were showers to go to!

June's list might have been something like this: store the 193 items you brough home from the festival that sucked, or work on camp stuff, or work on more camp stuff, and be in 2 weddings 2 weekends in a row (both of which were 2+ hours opposite directions), or go to more weddings and don't go to 2 of 3 weddings that are on the same day in different far away cities, but hey, no showers to go to that month!!

Even though July has only just begun (insert favorite Carpenter's song here), it's already a blur. So far, only one shower to go to, and only one fourth of July party to attend, but seriously, every single day for the month of July has revolved around marking items off of a to-do list. Think I'm kidding? Even today on my list it says: blog. THIS. IS. SAD. You people get to hear from me because my to-do list says so. An even sadder thing is this: I can tell you pretty much exactly what I'm doing for every minute of every day for the rest of the month. Again, think I'm kidding?
Today and tomorrow, live by the to-do list.
Saturday and Sunday, set up for camp.
9th-14th, High School Music Week 24 hours a day.
14th, drive to Mars Hill and spend the whole night getting ready for the shower that Mom and I are doing for Joseph & Staci and doing some mad laundry and packing for another week of camp. Sleep is optional.
15th, shower for Joesph and Staci.
16th-21st, Middle School Music Week 24 hours a day.
21st, drive faster than a speeding bullet to Asheville for Mark and Katie's wedding rehearsal at the Biltmore Estate, and hopefully arrive early enough to rehearse the song that I'm singing. 22nd, don't go to Dawn's wedding because I am singing in Katie's wedding this day.
23rd-26th, Boys Week with Marty (they don't really need me there, except for during registration, but I do hear a few extra days by the pool calling my name!).
27th, finish up all the stuff for Joseph & Staci's rehearsal dinner and wedding.
28th, Set up for and attend Joseph & Staci's rehearsal and dinner.
29th, sing at Joseph & Staci's wedding.
30th and 31st...CRASH.
So, there you have it. One big fat to-do list that is my life....and I don't even want to think about August yet. I think I need a Diet Coke.

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