Friday, September 15, 2006

It's been a long time

I knew it had been a long time since I posted, but I really didn't know that it had been a month!

CRAZINESS...that defines my life these days.

Here's what's been going on:

I was on a team for a Women's Emmaus Walk last weekend. That involved an overnight team meeting, extensive music preparation, gathering sound and media equipment, stressful setup and tear down, and being gone from hom Thursday through Sunday of last week. It was a great deal of fun and MUCH different than the Chrysalis teams I had served on in the past.

I got a call from my cousin's wife asking me to help her organize her kitchen. I had decided a while back that I was going to give up my organization business, but we need the money and I had the I did it! It was great to hang out with her and have a little fun organizing too. It's such fun seeing the finished product! It's also a little other words it makes me want to organize more things in my house...and yes, there are things in my house that need to be organized!

We started using s new entry way at our church. This new entry way would be in the middle of 2 storage rooms which meant: either clean out the storage rooms or put curtains up so people can't see it. Curtains it was. MANY hours and MANY days were spent at church overcoming MANY obstacles to hanging these curtains. There was LOTS of black fabric, velcro (that didn't always cut it!), stitch witchery, ironing and sewing involved. In the end it all worked out...not real sure how long those curtains will hold, but I just can't think about that right now!

I hadn't had a Tupperware party since the beginning of June and that was just a catalog party. I was at a dead end and decided that I would give it one last shot. If I ran out of people to have parties again, then I was ok with cashing it in and getting rid of all this Tupperware that I have no room for. So, I did a part at my house at the end of August. There were only about 6 people here, but we had fun and I had 2 wonderful friends book parties with me. It's great to get the fun free/almost free stuff by being a consultant, but I've decided that if this last go round doesn't prove to be as successful as I would like, I'm ok with that. I'll have to hang up my Tupperware hat and just be satisified with being the #1 consultant in the region for like 5 months straight!

My nephew, Jordan, turned 2 on September 1st and what a little cutie he is! His little party was complete with LOTS of Elmo stuff. He's learning to talk more and I love walking into the room and hearing him call me "Wassi" (don't know where it came from but it sure is cute!).

I decided to become a D-Group leader for the Refuge (a coffee house/bible study at Mars Hill) and am excited to get to know my group of girls. It will be a challenge, but also a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to it!

I got to visit with Eli and Eden (Bella was napping) a week ago while they were in town. It was great to catch up with them and Eden has the biggest smile ever. She is developing such a little personality and I am so excited to watch her grow up! Marty and I are going to Raleigh in November on keep Eden and Bella for a weekend and I can't wait to have some more binding time with them!

My friend Nina, from WCU, had her first baby (Andrew Luke Chadwick) on September 2nd. I've only seen pictures of him, but is a sweet little thing and I can't wait to meet him tonight! Mommy and baby are doing fine. :)

On August 31st, Marty's PawPaw passed away. He was 94 and his health had been failing for quite some time. He lived a long and wonderful life but had been ready to go "home" for a while. Lori, Marty and I packed the car and headed south for 15 hours (both ways) to Jennings, Louisiana for the funeral. It was nice to meet some of Marty's mom's family that I hadn't met before and put faces with names that I had heard many times. However, it was really sad to have to say good-bye to one of the most kind hearted, gentle men I have ever met. He had such a wonderful personality that I wish I had gotten to see more of. He and his wife, Loretta, had been married for 66 years (together for 71) and it was very sad to her without him. She has recently had a heart attack, but is home from the hospital and on oxygen. Please help us pray that God's will woulr be done in that situation and that we would be prepared for whatever that is.

And now it's here: Railfest 2006. Railfest is a 2 day festival in Bryson City. As you might remember, my last festival was a big fat FLOP, but I am really excited about this one. They are expecting 10,000 people to come through that little town this weekend and with the Fireman's BBQ dinner and train rides and lots of music and crafts, I am hoping it is a big weekend for my business. I haven't had a lot to do in preparation for this festival, as I brought home almost everything I took with me to that last festival. I am just ready to change out my stock and get some fresh stuff for fall. I have 2 more festival coming up in the next month, but I'm ready to be busy making stuff for those if this one sells out. Pray for a sell out!!!

Hopefully, things are getting to be more routine around here and I'll be able to write more. It seems that elementary schools think blogs are the devil and are keeping my friends from keeping up with this trend with me. Hopefully we will all find time to keep up with each other soon!

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Andrew said...

Well done for getting to regional number one with your Tupperware. I am a consultant in England, and I am currently number six seller in the country, which is fantastic. I am hosting an Open House next weekend to show customers the new products. Hope mine goes well too.