Friday, December 8, 2006

Trying to catch up...

Yeah, I know it's been a REEEEAAAAALLLLLY long time since I last blogged, but believe me, I would had rather been blogging than doing half of the things that I actually had to do. Here are a few moments from the past month and a half that must be shared:

**Week and a half long stomach bug followed by week and a half long sinus infection followed by 5 days of wellness followed by runny nose that won't go away and is accompanied by random scratch sexy voice. I love changes in season.

**4 days ago it was about 75 degrees outside with lots of sunshine...yesterday we got our first accumulation snow (flurries a while back, but nothing major) it is 20 degrees. What's the deal?

**Marty and I had parenting 101 with Bella and Eden in November...If you're lucky I might post twice in one day and give you the rundown complete with pictures.

**A college friend/sorority sister of mine and her husband came into town one weekend to stay with us. We went to the MercyMe and AudioA concert in Asheville. Probably one of the best shows I've even been to. I really think Bart of MercyMe sings better in person than on the CDs...and that's a pretty rare thing. It was pretty cool to see AudioA on their last tour too.

**The weekend before Thanksgiving, our church choir did our Christmas program...yes, you read correctly, the weekend BEFORE Thanksgiving. This meant, of course, that I was at the church for MANY days beforehand decorating Christmas trees, cutting Christmas trees and other various items out of styrofoam, painting homemade ornaments, wrapping prop gifts, and other fun Christmas decorating things. It was ok though, because by the time Thanksgiving rolled around, I had forgotten about it and was ready to decorate my house. The program was great, I thought, and 4 people came to know the Lord for the first time, which is what is was all about!

**Speaking of decorating, our house is now a winter wonderland complete with MANY MANY snowmen, our 7 foot snowman themed tree, a 3 foot Disney tree and a 3 foot memory tree decorated with ornaments that my grandmother used on her tree before she passed away and with ornaments from our tree when I was a little girl. Marty wasn't so thrilled about the 12 boes he had to haul out of storage, but I loved every minute of it!

**For once in my life, Thanksgiving was actually a very calm and enjoyable holiday. There was never a time when I had to eat 2 Thanksgiving meals in 1 day (a first), and I felt like we actually got to enjoy the holiday. As of now, Christmas looks to be as calm as it can be...considering we have about 6 or 7 different family events to attend.

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