Friday, December 8, 2006

Parenting 101

The first weekend in November, Marty and I kept Bella (almost 3 at the time) and Eden (almost 7 months at the time) for an entire weekend.

Reasons we did it:
1-Their mom and dad (Aaron and Eli) went to DC for the weekend for Aaron's birthday, and thought the girls might need a little help to make it through the weekend.
2-They are probably the most well behaved children in all the world.
3-They are both on really good schedules...both in bed by 7:30 each night and awake at 6:30-7 each morning...and no, they don't get up in the middle of the night 10 times.

Overall, it was a positive experience. We had a few moments where screaming and pulling hair out might have been the approriate reaction, but we expected that. It was difficult getting used to sleeping with 2 baby monitors in the room. Little coos and whimpers from a teething Eden were cause for loss of a little sleep. I have the UTMOST respect for all stay at home moms!! I always knew that it was a difficult job, but now, I know first hand what to expect when we have kids. Granted, we won't get them at those ages all at one time. But the bottom line is, that it's hard, and most people don't get that hands on practice like we did!

Funny Bella story:
When she's 16 she probably won't appreciate the fact that I once shared this with the entire world, but it's just too funny to keep all to ourselves! Bella has always made sure someone was told "excuse me" when they passed gas...even if it was just a funny noise made on a leather chair. Now, she makes sure to say "excuse me" when she passes gas, which can sometimes be rather lengthy and loud. One day, she and Marty were watching a little Noggin. Bella was sitting on the couch all covered up, looking like the little cutie that she is. All of a sudden, a very loud and approximately 10 second long noise was heard by all in a mile radius...and it came from under Bella's blanket. Her response as she very intently watched her episode of the Backyardigans was "Thank You"....(5 second pause)..." I mean excuse me." She knew that she was supposed to say a polite phrase...

Here are some snapshots from the weekend:

**Bella and Lady (one of a few toys that Bella will sleep with, because Lady has hair)

**Bella being sneaky.

**Can you tell that we fed her sweet potatoes for lunch????

*And this would be Eden's "I'm making a fun diaper for someone to change" look. Good times. Posted by Picasa

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