Sunday, July 1, 2007


Thanks to my great friend, Brooke, I just previewed the new Shane & Shane album, Pages, and I really can't wait until August 28th...the day the album is released and the day we get to go to Charlotte for the CD Release Party!!!! We're groupies andwe know i.t :) I do have to share my favorite line from the songs I've heard so far:

"May a vision of You be the death of me" (from the song "Vision of You")

I really am amazed at how God can use one line of a song to begin a work in my heart. I first heard this line when I last saw the Shanes in April. There I was in the middle of the concert, digging through my purse for a paper and pen, so that I could remember this phrase when I got home. It stuck...and I find myself longing for and searching after that one vision of Him...that one vision that changes me into a life focused on nothing but dying so that He may be alive in me.

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