Friday, May 9, 2008

The Question

It seems that no matter what stage of life you're in, the world feels the need to rush you to the next stage...whether you're ready or not.

If you're single, everyone wants to know if you're dating anyone.
If you're dating, everyone wants to know when you're getting engaged.
If you're engaged everyone wants to know when you're getting married.
If you're married, everyone wants to know when you're going to have a baby.

...and having been married almost 4 years, we've been asked "The Question" more times than I care to think about. "Soooo, when are you guys gonna have a baby?" Obviously, it seems like that next logical step for us. We want kids, we really do. However, we also want to sleep in .

We do plan, with God's help of course, to start our own family one day...just not today. But alas, "The Question" keeps coming. There's hardly a day goes by when I'm not bombarded with pressure to have a baby. Some family (thankfully, we have great parents who gracefully approach the topic without making us feel pressured) and friends feel as though they have to preface each conversation we have with "The Question". Never mind the fact that it seems like every other couple in the free world is having kids. Heck, even that one GUY is having a baby.

A few weeks ago we were in Raleigh for Eden's 2nd birthday party. That Sunday, before we headed home, we went to breakfast with the Hawkins' at Panera Bread. After breakfast, Bella was running around and dancing around and finally plopped down in my lap to chat. Out of the blue, this FOUR year old looks at me and says "Water Rai, don't you have any babies of your own yet?"

Seriously? Seriously. "The Question" has reached new heights, my friends.

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hisgirlcridey said...

I just want to say I know EXACTLY how you feel. At least you live in a college town where people understand that it's okay to be young and not have babies. You could live in an old people's town like us and be the only 26/27 year old not working on kid #1, 2 or 3. I hear ya. I really, REALLY do.

We shall all just enjoy our time sleeping in and spending our money on cool things like shoes and grosgrain ribbon. :) xoxo