Thursday, September 4, 2008

21? 22?

So, last night, I was leading a small group at Blueprint (this really awesome campus ministry that Marty has started this semester at Mars Hill College). We were discussing a passage in James, and they weren't very talkative and so I felt like I was just sitting there jabbering on about righteousness and not just hearing the Word, but doing what it says and I could feel the discussion very quickly coming to a close. So, I dismissed them to go grab another cup of coffee when out of the blue this conversation evolved:

Dude says: So why are you here? Are you like a student leader or something?
Me (grinning): Nope.
Dude: So then, what are you doing here? Do you work here?
Me: No, I'm Marty's wife.
Dude (with shocked look on his face): WHAT???? I had no idea I was in the presence of such greatness! (then with confused look on his face)
Me: Why is this such a shock to you?
Dude: How old are you?
Me (with sly grin): How old to you THINK I am?
Dude: Aw, I don't know...maybe 21...22 at the oldest?
Rest of the group: Yeah, that's what I was thinking too.
Me (beaming): I'm actually 27.
Group gasps.
Dude: (after making jokes about how old Marty is): You look so young. I was so sure that you were a student here.
Other girl in group: Yeah, you look really young!
Me (beaming even more): Woohoo!!

I guess I just don't think about how old or young I look. I think I look like...27? Anyway, my friends, this is one of the great reasons to be involved in college ministry :)

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Team Martins said...

okay, now... where do i sign up for college ministry?! ha! should you be surprised, beautiful friend of mine?! love and wishes for a great weekend to you and marty!