Wednesday, September 3, 2008


You all know that I love me a good bargain. I pretty much refuse to pay full price for anything, except food and the necessities, and even then I'm looking for the best deal with coupons in tow. Well, I have to tell you about my latest shopping spree luck. But first, a little background...

...I must have the WORST possibly body type to make clothes for. Some would call it "curvy". I've always had such a hard time finding jeans that fit my waist and my rear. Either they're huge in the waist and comfortably fit everywhere else or they fit in the waist and barely squeeze around my big fat hips. I used to buy Gap jeans, but I'm sad to say that our budget doesn't allow $60+ for 1 item of clothing (I could buy a whole season's wardrobe for that!). So after a very long and very frustrating search, I FINALLY found jeans that work every time. It happened by chance, really. I was consulting with my good friend, Google, about the best jeans for curvy gals one day, and there was a site for Route 66. I had never heard of this brand, so I clicked and found out that they are sold at KMart. Well, I don't do a lot of shopping at the KMart store, but I decided I had nothing to lose and I'd give it a shot. 2 pairs of perfectly fitting jeans and $40 later, I was set!

Fast forward 18 months. Thankfully, the jeans I bought at KMart no longer fit me. And after wearing the same pair of ratty jeans, that were literally falling off of me by the end of the day, for 6 months, I decided to reward my new skinnier self with some new jeans. And off to KMart I went!

I swear I get an adrenaline rush when I see Clearance signs! And there were tons of them at KMart yesterday! I felt like I couldn't look at everything fast enough because I was so excited! I found my jeans (in a size smaller-YAY!), which appeared to just be regular price (but at $19.99, I'm not complaining!). I scanned the clearance racks, and the massive selection of purses and made my way to the check out counter. You should also know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE it when the tag says one price and it rings up cheaper. Here's what I ended up with:

*1 pair of jeans
regular price: $19.99
I paid $14.99!!!

*1 pair of brown linen dress pants
regular price: $21.99
tag said: $8.00
I paid: $4.80!!!

*1 cute little brown leather hobo bag
regular price: $29.99
tag said: $12.00
I paid: $7.80!!!

And the STEAL of the day...
*1 nice big black leather bag
regular price: $21.99
tag said: $4.00
I paid: $2.40!!!

So I ended up with $93.96 worth of merchandise for $29.99. Cha-ching! I should seriously get some sort of award for that.

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