Monday, October 27, 2008

The Kitchen Project!!

It's FINALLY finished, and I couldn't be more pleased!! It was quite the undertaking, but we made it out alive. Becuase I'm a little OCD, I coudn't just paint a room and then have a refrigerator with smudges on it. Sooooo, in addition to painting the entire room, I also had to clean the entire room, which, of course, added a few hours to the project, but, I believe, made a big difference in the end.

Before, we had white walls and white countertops and white appliances and white floors...and I was SO over the white. We're very slowly replacing our old appliacnes with new black ones, but other than that, hadn't made any big changes in the kitchen. I had been collecting paint samples for about a year, trying to find something that was bright and cheery, but would also go with our oak cabinets. I had also been envisioning a black and white kitchen (see reasons below). I thought about greys and yellows and reds and, after seeing a beautiful kitchen in a magazine that was a mix of mossy greens with black and white, I had my mind made up! But, I just couldn't find the "perfect" shade...until one Sunday I was watching HGTV and they painted a kitchen, with oak cabinets and black and white accents. The color they used was THE color I had been looking for, so I immediately went to the HGTV website, found the episode and and paint color name and off to the Home Depot I went. Well, we buy all our paint at Wal-Mart (a. because we're cheap and b. because it seems to be good durable paint) so I went and was able to match the color with a sample they had...YAY! So, I got a gallon and some trim paint and some other supplies and we were on our way...until we applied the 2nd coat and it still looked like we went BACK to Wal-Mart got another gallon, applied the 3rd coat and from the second it was done, I have loved it! Marty keeps saying "Well, it's very green!", but I think that he really does like it! It's definitely been a work in progress, but like with all my other projects, there wasn't a lot of money to spend, so I had to be creative. I had to find things in magazines and, instead of ordering them, had to come up with inexpensive ways to implement the look, and I think I've succeeded. I was able to pull together exactly what I had in my mind and am happy to finally reveal the details and my cheap decorating secrets and of course, the finished product! So.........TA-DA!!!!

Before...check out those cool vertical blinds on the sliding glass door.

After! And now we have new curtains, that I LOVE!!! I found them at IKEA for $15 (for 2 panels!!) and they were perfect. I just had to hem the bottom a little and buy a pretty black curtain rod for the top...and the vertical blinds now live at the dump. :) Also, I refinished the tabletop and painted the bottom of the table black, which I love.


After! I've collected random black and white trays and dishes over the past 2 years to display on top of the cabinets. My rule was that I couldn't spend more than $5 on any one piece...and I didn't!! Most of them came from the Corelle outlet in TN and only cost $1.50!

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The Gieses said...

First of all, in response to your wayyy earlier post - you look GREAT! Secondly, your house is looking GREAT! I love to see what you are creating. You need to be on one of those decorating on a dime shows. At least thanks for sharing on here so that we can get some good ideas!

Team Martins said...

Hope you checked your e-mail... forgot to mention there, though, that green color is beautiful... you know how I am about greens! Great choice!