Thursday, November 13, 2008

Things I Love Thursday 11.13.08

I LOVE Christmas music. There's just something about how it makes me feel inside-you know that warm and fuzzy feeling. Maybe it's that it reminds me of home or reminds me of the comfort that comes with tradition. I would listen to it year round except for the fact that it would drive my husband crazy. He has a rule: no Christmas music in his presence until the day after Thanksgiving...thankfully I have several hours a day at home by myself. And I could tell you that I have yet to listen to Christmas music this year...but I'd be lying :) However, I have limited myself to one particular Christmas album (three times, even):

"O Holy Night" is my favorite Christmas song about Jesus ("Sleigh Ride" is my other top choice) and these guys do it better than ANYONE EVER. The funky chords and amazing harmonies and super high notes make it my favorite version of my favorite song. The rest of the songs are fabulous too, including some new songs that they wrote. I HIGHLY recommend it (unless you already know you love Shane & Shane and are on my Christmas buying list!)!!


Team Martins said...

Oh, me too! Us too, I should say! I remember one of the first times I felt Hope move for a really long time was in Nov. before she was born and to the tune of cranked up Christmas carols. Didn't know Shane and Shane had an album out for the season... bet it is awesome!!! Have a Jingle Bells, Silent Night, O Come All Ye Faithful good time, my friend.

friendbrooke said...

Well know how I feel about this topic and this album! Can't wait til December! Love ya!