Thursday, December 11, 2008

This little thing from Hallmark combines my love for snowmen and Marty's love for penguins. It plays music and lights up. The penguins even have little bells on their tails that shake and rattle. It's so adorable.

We started dating on December 27th, so I think it's pretty appropriate that these kissy bears, that go way back to our dating days, make an appearance every year.

I've had these Trolls since I was little, and they just make me laugh! They get to live underneath the memories tree.

Here's the kitchen all decked out. I use greenery, lights, snowflakes and some pretty ribbon to fill the space above the cabinets.
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The Gieses said...

Sarai - your tree is gorgeous! I have to tell you that after one of your previous posts about using framing the pretty paper that I went and bought some to do that with for a Christmas gift. Thanks for the great ideas - keep 'em coming!