Friday, May 29, 2009

May Savings Update

With summer very quickly approaching, I'm looking forward to a big ol' fridge/freezer/pantry clean out! I've been stock piling items for about 7 months now, and we're running out of room! So, for the next few months (or until we start to run out of food), I'll continue to look for sales, but am planning to buy only the necessities for a few recipes or items that are too cheap to pass up. Our meals could get a little...uh, creative. :)

For the first time, this month, I was finally able to save more than 50% on a single transaction...and I did it twice!! Once was at Ingle's and the other was at CVS. And it was on the same day. Talk about making this girl happy!!

Here's the update on our savings for May.
We were $45.21 under budget.
We saved $102.91 with coupons and sales.
That puts our May savings total at: $148.12
And that means our total yearly savings is up to...(drum roll, please)...

$761.67!! WOOHOO!!


Lori said...

That is incredible! WooooHoooo! Keep it up friend!

The Bake Family said...

Oh I wish I knew how you do it! I am SOOOO bad about coupons- and end up just shopping at Wal-mart for convenience...of course dragging three kids into just ONE store is motivation for anyone!
Hey we are going to be in that area around lunchtime this coming Wed -as we are driving to see my parents (yup. totally crazy) anyway I would love to see you if you have some time!