Monday, June 1, 2009

On the ball? I don't think so.

Well, friends, here we are starting the 6th month of this year and with about 150 days behind us now, I have realized that I need to get with the program. It's funny how new year's resolutions usually only last until the first month of the new year is gone...and then we often forget about those things until months down the road. They're probably floating around in the back of our minds and jumping into our thoughts when we'd rather not think about them.

And then one day, like today, one might wake up and realize that half the year is gone and those resolutions (I like to call them goals) are nowhere near completion and time is running out. So, in light of my recent realization, I thought I'd give a little update on how these "goals" are coming along...or not.

*Well, I'm glad to say that the great purge of 2009 is nearing the end. I did a yard sale a few weekends ago with my mom and think that the nearly $200 we made was worth the time and effort. Hopefully the next yard sale will free me of all the rest of this unwanted stuff...and if it doesn't, that's where Goodwill comes in. Every box and drawer and closet and binder and container has been sifted through and the junk is gone. Bring on a complete house re-organization!!!

*The wedding photo project: Still in an envelope. Still not printed. Still not finished. My lofty goals for this are dwindling from fancy scrapbook to photo album.

*The great photo project: Still not caught up on the photos from 2008. Doing something with the 2009 photos is a far off thought.

*The last 20 lbs.: Has now turned into the last 25 lbs. Obviously, I'm excelling in this area...just in the wrong direction.

*Home Improvement Projects: The Hallway Project can't really happen until the photo project is somewhat underway. And here's the progress we've made on redecorating the guest bathroom: Stack of paint chips made it from Lowe's to our house.

Clearly, I'm behind. If it weren't for the never ending laundry and cleaning and cooking and doing 100 things a week for other people, I'd have more than enough time to devote to these projects. Excuses, excuses. Here's to the next half of the year!

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Team Martins said...

To live in the behind is to be present in the every day. Okay, so I'm loopy. And I think I just made that up. BUT... I do believe it holds true in your case (and my case)... every day living can sneak up on all those goals, but it's the living part that counts anyway ya know?

Boy, aren't I full of quotes... that likely don't make sense! :)

Anyway, way to go on the amazing grocery savings. I'm about to take my second coupon class from our area guru, and the other day I spent 44 bucks at the store and saved 55... you are a great inspiration!

Love you!