Saturday, August 1, 2009

July Savings Update

July has been a hecka crazy month (see the previous post)!! I always have these lofty ideas of being at camp for 2 full weeks, which means meals and lodging provided, which SHOULD mean less money spent on food. Any my lofty ideas are yet again shot to the ground. For starters, anyone who has ever been presented with the lovely camp food options knows that pb&j and cereal QUICKLY become your new best friend. So, in addition to buying enough food to keep us from feeling like we might implode at any moment there are also little things that creep up on the shopping list to make camp a more desirable sunscreen and bug spray and 2 box of Puffs Plus and a box of cold meds when you catch the Camp Crud. And then, there's also the driving to places that are 5+ hours away for weddings on back to back weekends and all the expenses that come along with that. Even though I'd hoped to save more, I'm pleased with what we were able to save this month. We'll be parked at home for most of August AND a lot of the crops from our little garden are starting to come (post coming soon) so I'm gearing up for some MAJOR savings!!!

Here's the deal for July:

We were $54.06 under budget.
We saved $68.49 with coupons and sales.
That brings the monthly savings total to $122.55!!!

And we're finally over the $1000 mark!! In 7 months, we've saved...


The freezer and pantry are busting at the seams...bring on August!!

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