Saturday, July 25, 2009 pass by so quickly

I'm not exactly sure why I think the month of July will be different every year, because it's not. By the time we finish 2 back-to-back weeks of camp, get home and get settled back into a normal routine, July is usually gone and we're rushed into August. This July was no exception...except that it was even more busy (although in a good way) and gone before we knew it. I'm also aware that July still has 6 more days, but those are just about as equally busy as the previous 25 days, and therefore the feelings of it being already gone are completely valid. So, here's a recap of all our July activities...

The first few days, we were frantically getting the last minute details ready for camp. For those of you who don't know, Marty and I, along with Marty's sister and dad, are the camp directors for a week long, co-ed high school music camp in Hayesville, NC. Then, the following week, Marty's sister, Lori, and I direct the middle school music camp. It's a lot of work (before and during), and extrememly exhausting, but is rewarding every single year.

The first week, High School Music Week, we had an AMAZING group of high schoolers. This was my 10th consecutive year at this particular week of camp and I have NEVER seen a group of kids come together with such respect and musical ability.

We ended our week with an amazing concert at 11am and by 12:30am, Marty and I were on the road toward Mount Airy, NC. Our great friends, Aaron and Carlee, were getting married that weekend and it was an event not to be missed...especially since Marty was a groomsman and we were singing in the wedding! We were able to relax a little, catch up with friends, drive around Mount Airy (the home of Any Griffith) and be a part of a beautiful wedding. Congratulations, Aaron & Carlee!

Wedding Party

Me with the beautiful bride

And as soon as it was all said and done, we were driving back across the state for home. A few short hours of sleep, some quick loads of laundry and some re-packing later, and we were on our way back to camp for round 2! In past years, if we had a great week with one group of kids, the next week was nearly awful. And after an amazing high school week, we were really anticipating anything to happen with our group of middle scholers. Other than a few small problems, we finished the week without a hitch! My only problem that week, was that I caught the awesome camp crud that had been circulating for weeks before we got there. However, other than being completely run down, exhausted, unable to breathe and sleep, it was all good!

This particular week of camp ended on Thursday, and thankfully, we were able to drive home for the night and get a little rest...but not for long. Friday morning, we woke up, packed a bag and were off to Raleigh for the weekend. Marty's good friend and fraternity brother, Maurice was getting married on Saturday in Garner, NC. Even though it was more traveling, we were able to spend the weekend catching up with some great friends and were able to witness the beautiful wedding of Maurice and Takiyah Myers.

Marty, me, Kelly, Eli & Aaron at the wedding site

After arriving back home on Sunday night, we were finally able to start the dreadful process of getting things back to hour of unpacking and 7 loads of laundry later, we felt as though we could breathe again. We spent a few days resting and getting caught up on things. This past Thursday and Friday, I spend some time working at my mom's, and on Friday morning, Marty left for Louisiana. He's traveling there for a family reunion and to help move his grandparents from their home to an assisted living facility. It's sure to be an exhasuting trip in many ways. Before the month is finished, I'll be making a trip to Chapel Hill with my cousin for her doctor's appointment. Then, we'll end out the month with a big family cookout at my mom's.

So, 240 hours of camp, many wonderful memories and 55 hours of driving later, July, I'm glad you're finally coming to an end.
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